The Chief Architect Community

The purpose of the Chief Architect Forum is to test, challenge and support the state of the art and science for Business and Technology Architecture and its evolution over time.

We are passionate about the importance of Business Technology Architecture and our ambition is that this will become the preeminent, cross-industry, global meeting place for leaders in Architecture.

Established by Iasa Global which was founded in 2002 we had a simple mission and driving passion to improve the quality of the Technology Architecture industry. We have created the opportunity to network, created a powerful Book of Knowledge, established recognized accreditation programs and continued to advance the professionalism of technology architecture at every opportunity.

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Our Imperatives:

  • Learn from our peers
  • Develop our talent
  • Advance our profession
  • Build our networks

Typical discussion topics include:

  • What are the major architecture themes of focus and best practices in our companies today?
  • What is the state of the art for Business Technology Architecture today?
  • What are the potential changes to be aware of on the horizon?
  • Business Technology Architecture, Risks, Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • What are the hinderances to the success of Architecture?
  • What makes a great Architect?
  • What is the best way to professionalize the industry?
  • The importance of accreditation.

We follow simple rules:

  • We are architects
  • Our company badge stays at the door
  • We don’t sell
  • We contribute
  • We don’t delegate our membership seat
  • We follow Chatham House Rules, we leverage the information we share without attribution