The Chief Architect Forum

An invitation only place where leaders of architecture work together to shape the profession.


The Chief Architect Forum is a community for chief architect executives and thought leaders.

Our purpose is to test, challenge and support the state of the art and science for Business and Technology Architecture and its evolution over time.

This is a quarterly, 90 minute peer forum for heads of architecture.

Our Imperatives:

  • Learn from our peers
  • Develop our talent
  • Advance our profession
  • Build our networks

Typical discussion topics include:

  • What are the major architecture themes of focus and best practices in our companies today?
  • What is the state of the art for Business Technology Architecture today?
  • What are the potential changes to be aware of on the horizon?
  • Business Technology Architecture, Risks, Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • What are the hinderances to the success of Architecture?
    What makes a great Architect?
  • What is the best way to professionalize the industry?
  • The importance of accreditation.
  • We are architects
  • Our company badge stays at the door
  • We don’t sell
  • We contribute
  • We don’t delegate our membership seat
  • Chapham House Rules: Leverage the information we share without attribution

Membership is open by invitation to Chief Architects meeting the following criteria:

  • Leading or having led an EA practice at a Fortune 500 sized company, equivalent business line or sub domain
  • Leading the equivalent of 10 direct architect FTEs (or 20 indirect architect FTEs)
  • Interested in active participation and sharing in a forum of their peers (not just listening)

* An unexhaustive list of related titles often include Enterprise Architecture Leader, Head of Business Technology, Strategy and Innovation and other variations.

The CAF invitation is by nomination and application only. A CAF member may nominate prospective members but invitations must come from the CAF leadership. 

The CAF is only open to chief architects with no sales agenda.
While architects from vendor organizations may be invited, only those who have no sales or marketing basis in technology will be admitted.

Vendors may be invited to speak, train or participate in some CAF activities, but will not be admitted as vendors. This includes consultants and other individuals with potential conflicts of interest.

We continue to envision our activities as a newly forming collaborative membership.

In addition to individual contributions from other chief architects, Iasa Global will also provide guest speakers such as Grady Booch, Jason Bloomberg, Nick Rozanski and many others from within technology circles and business leadership.

We’ll discuss topics such as professional ethics, business models, innovation, strategic thinking, outsourcing, and much more.

Services under consideration include:
✓ Summits on topics selected via survey by CAF members.
✓ Working sessions with CAF members on critical topics in members strategy.
✓ Technology and Business Strategy seminars and workshops.
✓ CAF-only resources and materials.
✓ CAF branded merchandise and gifts.
✓ Vendor and speaker selection on specific topics for CAF members.
✓ Special invitations for speaking engagements.
✓ Individual and group mentoring by senior CAF members.
✓ In-person CAF Summits .