Innovating for the Next Phase of Industry and Society

Business has historically been seen as predictable, iterative movements, keeping pace with shareholders and market demands. The advent of digital pushed the focus back to the customer, innovation became a critical component, yet was often still seen as a nice to have or something perceived as being seen to exist in an organization. Fast forward to today and organizations no longer have the benefit of a 3-5 year rhythm, new business models and society are driving a new era of change. As we move out of a global pandemic and head towards the next phase of industry, business model changes that were seen as fantasy or too far in the future, are the cornerstone of today, further reducing the strategic rhythm of change. Businesses are having to rethink the way they deliver products and services, the impacts to society and the economy changes, on a daily basis, resulting in a race for survival and relevance. In this talk we will cover what these changes are, who is leading the way, what it means for society and business, and how the leaders and technologists of today can leverage innovation, to build capability and capacity, which will help shape a path for current and future business models.