The Future Role of IT Architects

Join Paul Preiss and Brice Ominski for an informal survey of radical innovation and the IT architect’s role.  They discuss the importance of business model innovation and the increasingly important role IT architects need to play in decision making.  Being a successful IT architect means being able to understand the business from a technology perspective.  They look at the changing roles of the architect: from order taker to business colleague.  Several key technologies, along with business modeling, will shape our future.

  • 5G will enable new ways of connecting.
  • IoT provides vastly more sensory data than ever before.
  • Robots and automation will, for now, augment human labor.
  • Distributed ledgers and blockchains combine to create entirely new business trust models.
  • Artificial Intelligence is making sense of things.
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality is helping to display things we couldn’t visualize.
  • Quantum Computing is challenging the internet, computing, and encryption.

When these collide with creativity and value creation, you have radical innovation.